We are...

We are seasoned digital pioneers. Living at the forefront of what is possible with current technology and tools to maximize the time my team, and clients spend focusing on our core potential and unique skill set.

We do...

We meet people where they are stuck, and design solutions with them and their team at the center. Technology doesn’t solve problems, people do. I bring organizations to the forefront of the digital world with the technology enabled solutions necessary to win in today's world.


Where are we...

The digital world doesn’t have geographic boundaries, and neither do we. We live and work in the cloud, and so will you.  We are everywhere.


+ What do we do?

AtlanticFusion works with people centered organizations and interfacing them effectively to the digital world.


By working with future forward organizations to effectively interface them with the digital world, we allow focus to be placed on working with people - adding that human touch.

+ Who do we love to work with?

AtlanticFusion is driven to work with anyone, anywhere. Our main focus right now is working with passion driven entrepeneurs, late stage founder companies, and lovely mom and pop shops. Innovative and creative companies, with big ideas and even bigger ambitions are what we absolutely love to focus on.

+ What industries do we work with?

  • Service
  • Food
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Accounting
  • Management & Consulting

+ What do we offer?

  • Business Analysis
  • Canadian & US Crossborder Operations
  • Civic Tech
  • Cloud Accounting Systems
  • Cloud Migration and Implementation
  • Digital Services Solutions Design and Implementation
  • Google Apps & Office 365
  • Innovation Management
  • IT & Business Strategy Alignment
  • IT Project/Program Management & Coordination
  • IT Strategy Planning and Implementation
  • Product Management
  • Technology Enabled Operations & Productivity
  • Virtual Team Standup & Management
  • Digital action management (task management) - platforms and implementation strategies (i.e. Asana)
  • Digital Communication & Collaboration.
  • Innovation hacking - bring your customers and the public into your business
  • Interface you (org/people) to what's possible today for tomorrow
  • Open sourced solutioning
  • People first solution implementation
  • Cloud Operations
  • Personalized Product
  • Workflow analysis and automation
  • Process re-engineering
  • Digital Transformation

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