Peter Thompson


(Owner / Operator)

I love taking on complex and challenging projects that have the potential to positively disrupt the 'status quo'. With an innate ability to dissect complex problems, concepts, systems etc. and build them back up. My key interest lays at the intersection of technology, sustainability, society, and the natural+built environment. I focus on projects, business ideas, or initiatives that aim to free up human capital to do things that are intrinsically human and are higher value for all involved than many of the transactional jobs still performed by many today. From content management and collaboration platforms to modernizing processes and workflows, I'm keenly in tune with the need for technology to interface with people where they are. The best technology is useless if it doesn't work for the people at it's edges.

Vladimir Taikov


Marketing and Communications

Boundaries and normal conventions don't define me; I define myself. I am young, I am new. As a creative specialist I aim to break boundaries; develop new strategies, new content, and thus new perspectives.

I entered the world of marketing at the age of 12, when my parent's theatre (now known as Tick-Tock Clock Children's Theatre) required major work in many different areas: branding, online presence including web and social media, as well as photography and videography for live events. This was what sprouted the WorkMore lifestyle and allowed me to expand my boundaries. Now I own and operate WorkMore, a marketing and advertising agency, as well as, a photography and videography company under my name.