We are the pioneers of your digital Future.


We put your organization at the forefront of the digital world.



Our beginnings. 

AtlanticFusion came to be at the beginning of the Web 2.0 wave to bridge the gap that exists between traditional business and technology. and has evolved to fuse organizations with the quickly evolving digital world that sprang from the Web 2.0 foundations.  

AtlanticFusions provides solutions for progressive, passion focused organizations. Our clients are not in business to make money, they’re in business to make important things happen, we’re in business to make sure they can.


Our offerings.

Increase focus on designing for the glance as wearable tech becomes more mainstream.

Help users tie together elements of their object ecosystem to extract further value from a service.

Segment interactions into things that are best seen and done on small dedicated devices, and things best done on the smartphone that they inevitably will connect to.

Design for adaptability. Services that fit naturally into people’s lives and adapt to their habits and priorities will be the big winners in 2017.



Digital journey planning?

Just like wanting to travel to an exotic location, with no knowledge of which region to look, let a lone country and the details relevant to traveling to each, the digital world is largely un-mapped and going through seismic shifts constantly. You need to baby able to decide quickly where you are going, and instantly have right equipment to get there, and ready accommodations on arrival.